Splash screen before starting room?

Hey all,

Super noob here. I've been playing around with Pulp and having fun editing and adding to the sample game. What I can't figure out is how to get a splash screen. I have the "Pulp Game" card, and I've set that as the launch card, but when I play the game it starts in the first room. Is there a simple way to have a splash screen, and maybe have the player push "A" to start?

The launch card is what will appear as the game's title card on the playdate. The room the game actually starts in is whichever one you have placed the "player" tile in in the editor. For the game to actually start with the launch card you need to place the player in that room.

For a splash screen you probably don't want the player visible and moving around. The simplest thing to do is to hide the player on that screen - in the player script add this:

on draw do
  if event.room=="card" then

Where "card" is the name of your splash screen room. draw is called every frame and that will simply check the current room's name and stop the player from being displayed if it's the splash screen.

To make the game start when the player presses A, add this (also to the player script):

on confirm do
  if event.room=="card" then
    goto x,y in "first_room"

Where "first_room" is the name of your first room and x,y are the coordinates the player should start at.

There are other ways you can do this, for example swapping the player tile to be a cursor so you can actually navigate the splash screen like a menu, but I think the above is the simplest - you can build out from there as you like!

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Thanks so much. This all looks so logical. I’ve got to get a handle on pulpscript.

I can’t wait to see what people do with just pulp, not to mention the full SDK!