Sprite leaving artifacts

Hello! I'm having some trouble with sprites leaving behind artifacts. (this is with the Windows SDK) It was working fine until I added an additional layer behind the player character.

For drawing tiles I'm using this script that reads from LDTK files

and for drawing the animated sprite I'm using this:

This is my implementation for drawing the tiles

Z_Indexes.BG = -10
and Z_Indexes.FG = 10

Demonstration of artifacting:

Hopefully this hasn't been asked before. I did look around but couldn't find a solve

I found a sort of solve and could use some thoughts. It's looking like the artifacting happens when passing over tiles that have no solid pixels in it. What I was doing was selecting this whole box and drawing it in LDTK

if I just select the tiles that have pixels in them it seems to work well but I feel like it's still strange that this happens

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See here: Using transparent images as tiles on tilemap lead to smearing effect - #6 by QuinnStephens


Realized I never replied to say thanks! Really appreciate getting pointed in the right direction!