Spriterot - Handy command line tool to generate rotations spritesheets

During my effort to create an enjoyable development experience with the Nim bindings, I took inspiration from @Nic post and put some time developing this command line utility.

In contrast to Nic Lua utility functions, this is a high performance standalone tool and can be used to auto-generate rotations spritesheets at build-time or whenever you want, no simulator or Playdate dependencies!

It can:

  • Generate rotations using rotsprite, shearing, nearest and linear algorithms.
  • Be configurable using options, use spriterot --help to learn more or read the README on GitHub.
  • Be integrated well with Playdate's tables: by default, it exports a filename ending with -table-w-h.png.

A few examples from the repository (but you can also refer to Nic post):

rotsprite: best results for standard pixel art.

shearing: best results for keeping shades of dither patterns, e.g. Playdate graphics with dithering.

nearest: standard algorithm, nothing special.

linear: best results for conventional graphics, not pixel art.

Hope this can be useful for the community!


Hey this is awesome! I recently did something similar (though not as fully featured) for creating a sprite sheet that animates scale and opacity (since those are expensive functions like rotating). Maybe you could consider adding those as options as well?

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I can look into that!
Please open an issue on the repository and try to explain what you want as clearly as possible


This is really cool! And it make so much sense to have it as a command line.

I will add it as a reference in my original post.

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@Nic nice!

@manalive feel free to open the issue on GitHub, I'm considering changing the name of the tool in case other features unrelated to rotations get included.

Sweet! I just added a description, hopefully it makes sense.

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