Syntax highlighting and 'go to definition' in Nova

Hi y'all,

After briefly toying with the Playdate SDK last year, I just booted it up again to try and start work on my first serious Playdate project. However, after updating both Nova and the SDK, I'm struck that syntax highlighting in Nova seems extremely rudimentary. Worse, Nova doesn't seem to support any variant of Jump to Definition, even for local files and symbols.

Is this to be expected? I remember noting last year that Jump to Definition didn't work for the external CoreLibs files, but this seems especially messed up.

Here's an example of how my Nova looks, using the Noble Engine sample project as an example:

I can build and debug .pdc files for the simulator via Nova, so I know my SDK path is correct. Not sure what else might need to be changed to get the language server working properly to enable these other convenience features!

Well, one problem seemed to be that I was using the Playdate Theme extension, which seems to default to the same color text for a ton of categories of token. Just dropping to the default Dark theme breaks up the big blocks of white text, although Jump to Definition still seems to work extremely sporadically.