System Crash on First Boot

The unit just arrived in the mail. Opened the box and plugged the unit into a USB power source. The screen turned on and then a message saying the playdate has crashed and to hold the A button. The system looked like it cycled and appears to boot normally.
The unit was in the mailbox for about half-hour in 110-degree heat (I live in Phoenix). The unit was powered up within 10 minutes of being outside. Is there any kind of thermal throttling on the CPU?

It's possible. I'm not sure whether a crash is the expected behavior in that case, but it's not out of the question.

Were you able to boot the device after letting it cool down?

Yes. After about another 10 minutes in the AC the unit was able to boot, connect to wifi, register, install an update and operate overall normally.

Fri will be a little warmer, 116 degrees. I'll put the unit in the box out on the shaded patio for 10 minutes and see if I can reproduce the error.

The unit looks great! Can't wait to try my hand at development.

Wow, what a warrior. Risking it all for the rest of us!