Text adventure in pulp?


Coding noob - did some basic as a kid so I just about understand the concepts but very rusty.

I want to make a text adventure as i figure it'll be easy - i've googled around but can't find any tutorials - can any kind person point me in the right direction?

I'd want to display text, and then have options the user can choose from which would send them to another screen of text so it's really really simple. Maybe add some graphics later and the ability to pick up items etc

thanks in advance.

Hey! I'm still somewhat of a novice myself, but I think you could get a fair amount of mileage from the ask function. It's similar to "say" but it's built to give a clean looking menu for multiple options.
As far as making the game fully text based, that might be a little bit more tricky, at least in Pulp, just because you have to have a Player sprite of some kind. Probably not impossible, though!

Hi Victor, thanks - that makes sense, i'll continue with that. I was guessing you could use code to move the sprite to different exits depending on the answers given, which would move them to a new "room" and that would display new text?

Seems this is generally a very bad idea though and it may be worth me learning some basic LUA (I again may be underestimating the complexity and it end up being really in-depth when what I'm pining for is something like basic where i can do this with next to no coding)

I do wonder if polyend could end up making different types of pulp for different games - like a 2d platform version and a text adventure version or a jrpg version set up to provide a template in the way PULP currently makes an adventure game by default, it would be incredible if they did.

You could do a text adventure in Pulp. I think the difficulty level of doing so in Pulp vs Lua is probably going to be about the same honestly.

In Pulp, you would probably want to hold different text in the Pulpscript of different objects/sprites to be more organized. OR as you put it, into different rooms. Or likely, a combination of both.

Then, use events to invoke different text parameters.

For example, you could have a Room Name and Description always displayed on screen within the player draw event by using the "label" command. Every time a player enters a different room using the "goto" command, you could use the room's "on enter do" event to replace the text variable to hold a new Description.

Don't expect different versions of Pulp. I think what you see is what we will get for the most part.

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All of this talk has made me want to try it myself!