The Playdate Game Pitch Form is ready!

@arisa Could you please share with us if there is any update regarding the pitches submitted to the form? More specifically, when Panic will be making a decision which pitches to move forward with? Thanks!


I was just about to ask the same.

Many projects will be in the finishing stages by now, so the following would be helpful:

  • if you don't have a final answer yet, could you make a first selection where every submission so far gets a response indicating whether the pitch is still under consideration or rejected. A negative response could actually be helpful in the sense that they could plan their release on rather than waiting for a no further down the line.
  • can we update the submitted demos with a more recent / full version?

Hey @Nino and @laplab ! Sorry for the wait!

Our main focus for the past few months has been getting Catalog ready for release, so we've been slowly reviewing the pitches. We have started reaching out to people with games we're interested in, as well as games that we are not interested in. You should expect to hear from us either way-- and if you haven't, it means that we haven't finished reviewing your game.

If your game is ready for release, I'd recommend not waiting to get an answer from us and shipping on itch as we won't require exclusivity for games. Your game can be on both itch and Catalog at the same time. We'll figure out a way to get the game on Catalog if we're interested in the game!

If you have an updated demo or additional info that you want to share, feel free to message me here with that info.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Hello Arisa, around 1 month ago (probably more) I sent my pitch for a game and I'm still waiting for some feedback. I know I'm not the only one crossing fingers. Any update on this? Tnx!

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I have submitted my game more than 3 months ago and unfortunately no response since. PlayDate team seems to be pretty busy with all the recent developments


Yes, most developers are saying the same. That's really a sad thing as it's almost impossible to develop real games without some real support of Panic, hope this will improve soon...


So in the entire Southern Hemisphere, South Africa is the only country acceptable to make a "Pitch" from??? :confused:

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It is a shame, as catalog would really be a game changer for playdate. I think many people who get the device never get beyond just using the season games, and it would create a huge plus for the device for many users. It also would make panic some money, and encourage us all to pump out some more great games. I do love that I made $50 selling my games on itch as sorta a fun validation, but it certainly isn't going to make me quit my day job.

i think there's a lot of opportunity in the community of devs for a catalog and future seasons. I've got a game I want to pitch that is not finished so personally I don't mind them taking their time.. but that said I'm eager to see what they've got in store for a store.

I have not received my Playdate yet, so I still have all of Season 1 to play as do a lot of people. Just something to keep in mind while we wait

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Has anyone heard back about their pitch yet?

I'm guessing those who will be on Catalog at launch? I don't know if they're able to talk about it.


Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry that it's taken a while to get back to you on your pitch, and I appreciate your patience with how long it has been!

You can find the update on Playdate pitches and submissions [here](New Catalog Submission Form!. I will be locking this post as it now includes outdated info.

If you have already submitted a pitch via the Typeform linked here and are still waiting to hear back, you should have received an email from me today with some questions.