The Playdate Game Pitch Form is ready!

Hello! :playdate_logo:

We are now accepting pitches from everyone! You can pitch your Playdate game to us if you're interested in getting funding and/or distribution for a future Season or Catalog, our curated Playdate store, via our Typeform! You can learn more here.

The form includes lots of information on questions that you may have, but feel free to message me (@arisa) if you have any questions during the process! :playdate_heart:


Hey! I have a game launched already (Life’s Too Short: Life’s Too Short (Playdate) by Olliecoe), could this be considered for anything? (Catalog?) or am I better off pitching the next project? Or both?!


Yes, same with me and Ribbit Rabbit! I'd love to have it included on Catalog, do I need to put a pitch in for that?

As well as Ribbit Rabbit I have two other games I want to pitch. Should these be pitched as two separate forms or one form with info about both?

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According to the form, if your game is done already you could select "No" on funding request; either way though, I think it will need to be pitched to be considered formally for Catalog/Season/etc ?

The second half of the form asks some pretty specific questions about your game that make it pretty clear that it's one game per pitch. :+1:t5:

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Good questions!

Yup, feel free to pitch anything if you want to have your game in a future Season or the Catalog, even games that are already released and you don't need funding!

And yes, one game per submission :slightly_smiling_face:


I see that in the PDF version of the form, there is no question for sending a .pdx file.

Will Panic come to my house?! Ahhh! I'm scared!

Don't know what to do - Peter L.

The PDF is for reference only, the form needs to be filled in on the type form where there is a place to paste a link to your pdx, etc.

Oh! Thank you very much for helping me!