Tighter button debounce (or a way to set it)

I recently posted about some newly discovered trouble with my game on device. You press a button rapidly to increment a score, but very rapid pressing (which is expected in a certain context; see video in thread) isn't upping the score as fast, and after trying every relevant approach from the docs and the forum, I'm betting it's the system's button debounce, based also on this explanation.

Assuming there's a path via software, I'm imagining a way for extra-rapid button presses to be recognized in fewer cycles; a call to set/request a smaller debounce window for edge cases like mine. Thanks love u bye


Based on @dave ’s description, the maximum rate is 50hz. Humans can only press buttons in the 10-20hz range so this should be fine (note that this is different than timing a single press to a single 60hz frame. )

However, what I guess is happening is that the fast tapping, while being relatively slow, is spending less time pressed than unpressed. Either it’s not being held long enough to register, or it’s unregistering before your update.