Tilt / accelerometer icon

So, the default glyphs don't include the accelerometer / tilt input. Has there been a suggested icon to use when expressing "Tilt your playdate to rotate your ship"?

I don't think so, but if I had to propose something—this emoji as the font glyph:


And for the the visible graphic, maybe an arched arrow, like a "rainbow" with an arrowhead on each end angled down? (Like the motion of tilting a device side-to-side.) Or a square with a double- or quad-arrow overlaid on it? Or a square or dot, surrounded by 4 triangles?

(And for a "shake" glyph, maybe the "wave" icon which has shake lines? :wave:)

Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm no artist, but this is the font hack I came up with: a double-character icon: ↺↻


Roobert-10-bold-accelerometer.zip (4.2 KB)

Feel free to use.

Whomever can improve this: please share!
I think the accelerometer association were stronger if the arrows made an arc that was less than 180 degrees. But that would reduce the legibility of the arrowheads, perhaps

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Good solution! The 180° arrows work fine I think, but FWIW here's a stab at a lesser arc, to make room for the 3 elements to be bigger/bolder within the same rectangular area:


Thanks, that's much better, arrows are still clear, so I'll use it!

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SO many visual and control options in Gravity Express--I love it!

(It's a quick rough job—I might shrink the PD on the right by 1 px, allowing that arrow to be more complete.)

...which looks like this:

Thanks on both counts!

When working on the game, I had the goal of making the most accessible / customisable pd game out there.

It felt bad to leave the Holy Triad of pd controls on the table, so here we are :grinning:

Will be released real soon

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Version 1.2.0 is released :slight_smile: