To deltaTime or not to deltaTime (platformer)

Im very conflicted on whether or not to use delta time for my platformer. I am very used to Unity and always using deltaTime, but due to the much lower resolution of the playdate, moving a character in fractions of a pixel can cause tiny stutters because of the nature of moving pixel perfect.

I feel like I should use it, and when not using double sized screen in simulator / on device im not sure I can even see that the little pixel stutters happen. But it is nice to see when using integers only that it moves very smoothly even on bigger screens. That being said in a lot of cases I can't use integers only to get the exact speeds a want anyways, like my gravity step. So should I just get over it and use delta time? I think this is the way to go but would like some feedback before I commit to trying to adjust all my speed values for delta time. My main concern is people using screen mirror to play would probably see the little stutters right?