Transitions (Example Project)

Another simple example project with easy to call functions for some transitions!
For easy access i've added some examples to the "confirm" and "cancel" button for now.

Let me know if it helps you or other stuff!
Transitions (Example) (3.7 KB)

PS: if anyone can make a gif of this please post it here for me. I do not know how :stuck_out_tongue: and it would be perfect for showing this.



(For future reference... if you export your Pulp project as a PDX, then open it in the Simulator, the simulator has an easy "movie" record option, that actually records a GIF)


Thanks! And thanks for the recording advice!

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These are cool! Used it to introduce the closing section of my next game and it's a really arresting visual effect!

I would love to see this this in a more complex scene...

I made this transition function for my game but it's nowhere near as smooth as yours!

I took a look at the code but do you think you could write up a little explainer?

Also, how does this run on real hardware?

Not tested yet on real hardware but it shouldn't be that hard for real hardware.

As for explaining, this example uses the currently only function in pulp that can draw pixel by pixel. Instead of Just flipping tiles to black. Which makes it very smooth, it Just constantly increments + increments speed to create that smooth incremental speed effect.

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Would you be able to make something like this?
Coming out from the center?

Very doable with the same code. But my project is Just an example project. You can grab to code and edit it to have this effect.

Just check out the code! It's pretty easy code!

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