Trouble running on Ubuntu Linux

When I run on Ubuntu, I get the following error:

$ sudo ./
Creating desktop files...
Creating mime info...
Setting udev rule...
Please set `PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH` env value to the SDK path.

I did add the following line to the end of the .bashrc file, and the path is correct.

export PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH=/home/leo/Documents/TEMP/prog/playdate/PlaydateSDK-1.9.0

I tried with and without a slash at the end, without success. I also tried rebooting my device.
I have no idea how to set environmental variables, I'm quite new to Ubuntu.

That seems to be the normal output? Here's what I put in my .bashrc

export PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH=/home/allie/Programs/PlaydateSDK-1.9.0/
export PATH=/home/allie/Programs/PlaydateSDK-1.9.0/bin:$PATH

The second line makes it so I can call pdc or the simulator from anywhere. Have you tried using the simulator?

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If you are worried about : Please set PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH env value to the SDK path, a quick read of shows that the script prints this line in all cases. So if you have set the variable correctly, there is nothing to worry about !

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This is normal output, I will add additional text to make sure it's not confusing. Thanks for the report!

Sorry to necro but is there any reason the setup script doesn't automatically set these paths as they are recommended?

I'd rather not mess with people's config files... :slight_smile: