Tutorial: Unlicensed Paddle Game in Lua

Hey Playpals! I've been learning Lua and making a Pong clone for the last few weeks. My friend and I decided to put together a beginner-leaning tutorial to share some of what we've learned.

If you're looking to graduate from Pulp or coming to Lua from another language like JavaScript, Ruby, C#, or Java, we hope that this tutorial is a good way for you to learn the basics.

Here's a quick video of the final product:

You can find the tutorial here:

We're no experts, so please let us know if we are wrong on the internet. Open to any and all feedback!


This is amazing! Thank you for this :+1:

The more tutorial, the better! Thank you for sharing this.
One of the thing I noticed is that tutorial generally focus on the code, which is understandable, but not necessary the assets used (sounds, sprites...). Understanding what are the tools that can be used to help build the end to end workflow could also really help newcomers.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Agree that there are some topics we could dive a little deeper on here, but we wanted to start simple. :slight_smile:

Hypothetically - if we were to do another bite-sized tutorial, what topic would be most interesting for you? Sounds, music, sprites, or something else?