Updates to shipping dev units to Canada

Any updates on the shipment process to locations outside US as stated in the March 13th message.

Especially to Canada. :wink: Have units made it north of the border ?



me too, still waiting for the shipment email.

US here, still waiting on my tracking info as well.

Apologies for the delay in replying here! We are hoping to complete our next rev of the SDK, 0.10.2, on or around June 4. Once we hit that milestone, we will be upgrading all of the Dev Preview units and shipping them out soon after.

So: anticipate getting an email with a tracking number for your Dev Preview Playdate by mid-June.


Thanks for the update Greg! Can’t wait till it arrives!

Excellent. We’re excited for everybody to try it out and start writing games!

Thanks, really appreciate the update!

Thanks for the info sharing Greg.

Thanks for the update Greg. Keep on pushing the “state of the art”. Cheers - m.

Hey Greg, just curious – is there an ETA for when SDK 0.10.2 will be released on the forums?

We still have a fair amount of QA to go through, but we are shooting for next week to have it available for everyone.


Greg, so far still not receive any email regarding the Playdate device tracking information. Any idea ?

Hi! We are finishing up a new release of our SDK, version 0.10.2. Once that is done, we will upgrade all of the devices in our warehouse and start shipping them. At that point you will get a shipping notice, with a tracking number.

Look for this in the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience!

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Thanks again Greg :slightly_smiling_face: