Usage of fonts in the SDK

Hello! I asked this question in the Discord, hoping to get more eyes on it here.

Are there any licenses associated with the fonts that come packaged with the SDK? Can we modify them freely? Can they be used in our games (particularly published games, and maybe even games that eventually come out on different platforms) freely? If not, is there a way to get permission to do either of these things?


Hi! We’ll make this official soon, but we’re going to license the fonts under this:

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Fantastic! Thanks so much!

Hi Greg, after reading the SDK documentation can't find any reference to this licensing, any news on that. Thanks :wink:

Are the fonts included with the API under any particular license? Can I modify them for use in my game and then distribute that (on GitHub etc)?

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Playdate fonts are licensed to you under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

(This is in in the SDK folder.)

So yes, you can modify and distribute them as long as you give appropriate attribution and don't restrict others from doing the same.

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