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Hey folks, while learning all the SDK pieces, I’ve created a small vscode extension and example app which provides auto-completion based on vscode-lua and sets up the ability to compile and run your games.

Link <- Source code, extension file and example project using it


I’m curious, how does the autocompletion works exactly?

From a quick read of their source code, it looks like they loop through all Lua ASTs and create scopes full of tables or functions which can be attached to the object-likes used in Lua.

In the example project, I recommend passing in the entire SDK/CoreLibs folder to the language server as a set of libraries as a reference, the LSP collates all the usage of these particular types of objects. The side-effect is that Lua APIs which aren’t referenced in the core libs will get missed - but it’s a reasonable coverage of most APIs I explored from the examples folder


FWIW I could not figure out how to get code installed in my command line, so I installed your file using the Extensions panel triple-dot menu

Screen shot 2020-04-27 at 14.39.46

And it was not obvious to me that the .vscode folder you reference in setup is a per-project folder.

But got it working now, thanks!

This is now available in the marketplace: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Orta.playdate

So, no need to the manual installation


Hello! =)

First of all, thanks for your contribution. I have been testing yout extension and it works well creating de myGame.pdx. However, it fails launching the PlaydateSimulator. VS show a message saying: "Failed to start simulator".
I don't know what causes this problem. Any suggestion please?

Thank you in advance.

You can copy building and running scripts from

There's also an instruction.

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Thank you so much!
Finally your extension works for me. It is hard to admit it, but it was just and update of my Ubuntu haha