Warp Defender (working title)

Working on this little spaceship shooting game.


Hopes are I'll have it finished and available on itch soon. Wish me luck!


It looks absolutely phenomenal so far. Good luck!!

It's out!


Oh yessss, looks amazing!

Have you made a post on Discord??

What Discord? I'm totally don't know what I'm doing O.o

Just click on the link.It is the official playdate discors server with a whole lot going on there.You will enjoy!!!

Let me know your username on discord when you finally join.There is a massive support over there.You could even consult Panic and submit your game to be featured on their Catalog .which is a game shop on their website.Much success to you.

Thanks a lot! And for the kind words as well, not sure if this is good enough for the Catalogue but who knows?

Letting myself in as we speak. My nick over there is 0x72

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Awesome.....but I hope you will.come up with so many interesting games sooner or later.Now that you have all the suppport on discord.Your game looks amazing.Will certainly purcjase and play.Aand my name on discord is Yadis#

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Nice. Just bought and sideloaded :slight_smile: Will have to check it out tomorrow, though, because it's time to go to bed pretty soon!

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Gyrus and Tempest vibes, looks very nice!