What is LCD_addUpdateRect()?

I get the message 'inverted rect in LCD_addUpdateRec()!' when using the simulator, but I don't get the message on the device. I'm developing in C and I'm on linux. I'm working on a '3D' game and this error only occurs when I don't limit the vertices to the screen. Please let me know if you need anymore information from me.

Sounds like it's complaining about updaing a dirty region of the bitmap that's outside the bitmap. Looks like you're gonna have to implement clipping...

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Thanks for the response. I have clipping implemented already, its the rest of a mesh which isn't fully clipped that i want to leave without adjusting the vertices. I am doing that as well, but I disable it when compiling it for the device as it doesn't complain there.

Are you doing a screen space transformation first? That should let you remove all off screen triangles.

Edit: I think I misunderstood. Looks like you are talking about the triangles that are partially on screen, that makes sense. Perhaps instead of clipping verts you can write your own triangle rasteriser that can cope with all this. Did you check out the 3dmini example in the sdk? That's got a good one

Oh yeah I told you that already in DM haha