Where are the special Playdate characters (crank, D-Pad arrows, etc.) in Caps?

I want my font to include these various special Playdate glyphs—but none of the example fonts in the SDK have them, other than (A) and (B). Where do I find them in Caps?

For example, I see an Arrows category, but none some to be the particular arrows mentioned in the docs. And I don't see Emoji—like the lock and and fishing reel—in Caps.


Take a look at:
PlaydateSDK/Resources/Fonts/Asheville/Asheville Sans 14 Light/Asheville-Sans-14-Light.fnt

The characters you're after are in the "Custom" section in Caps.

(Although there is still some odd buggy stuff going on here as previously reported in another thread.)

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Cool, I see two of the special Playdate glyphs there—but not the ones for Lock, the crank, and the five D-pad ones. And the (B) one there seems to be assigned differently from the docs, which mention Ⓐ Ⓑ, found in Enclosed Alphnumerics. (Leaving aside the offset bug you mention.)

How do you add to the Custom set? Can I just edit the .fnt file manually, adding what I want without concern for the order? Or will that mess up re-import into Caps?

(Maybe there could be a button to add all the custom Playdate glyphs at once; then the user can just delete unwanted ones.)

You can paste the text into the preview box in Caps and then click a character to jump to the glyph.


That's a great feature! I'll be using that trick for lots of things.

(The D-Pad arrow emojis don't seem to work right—you get control characters—but for now I don't think they're possible. I will use other arrow characters as placeholders for now.)

Sorry @matt to dig this up, but it seems these characters are no longer there (at least not all of them). Would you know where they are now?
I see a copy paste works fine though...

What font are you using @Schyzophrenic ?

And can you post a code sample and what you're seeing?

FWIW these seem to be the characters to use (not arrow emoji) if you want to follow Panic's lead:

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I was actually loading the file in CAPS, not using code. When using the system font I can display Ⓐ just fine for instance, so it is probably a non-issue. I am just not sure why I am not seeing these characters in CAPS (or more likely I am not looking at the right place! )

For instance, I go to CAPS and open "Asheville-Sans-14-Light.fnt" from the resources folder, and see this (it seems there are some mixed up chars?)

I can't seem to find the d-pad and arrows though.