Working Chip8 Emulator On the Playdate

  • Chip 8 Emulator On Playdate

A Little Background info

  • So I Started making this as a Little Project I Could wipe out in Just a couple days, I thought since the Chip8 Only had a 1 Bit display It would be a perfect match for the playdate.


  • My Results are a Perfectly Working Emulator capable of running (Almost) any Chip8 Game. I ran into issues mapping all of the inputs of the Chip8 to the Playdate because the Chip8 has 12 Keys and the playdate has 6 Buttons not including the Crank. So I included a Couple of Roms in the Emulator built in. I had to hard Map these inputs By hand. If you do have a favorite Chip8 Game the Emulator does in fact include a Mapper so you can map the inputs by yourself. I also included a bunch of CPU Speed Modes so you can select witch one you prefer. Id say overall this was a Very fun little Project! This was a pretty fun learning experience for working on the Playdates Hardware. If You would like to check the Emulator Out I've included the Link to the PDX at the Bottom!

Enjoy !


For someone not too familiar with the Chip8, could you recommend some good ones to try first?

So I've tried everything. Renaming the roms to .bin files, putting the in the "Roms go here folder", putting them straight in the data folder, keeping them as .ch8 files and they refuse to show up on the device. I feel I'm the one doing something wrong, but as far as I can tell I'm following all the instructions correctly.

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Hey, Sorry for the confusion. you have to rename your rom file To "Rom.bin" exactly.. and Put it in the Emulators Data folder. in the same Folder with the folder that says Put Your roms Here.