Wrapping-pattern.png documentation dimension clarification - should it be 350 x 155?

I'm using the Lua SDK, developing on Windows 11.
I've created a wrapping pattern for my game, and it displays correctly, but it's cropped to be the same size as other games on the launcher menu screen.

The docs mention the wrapping pattern should be 400x240, but the way it's displayed makes me think its actually similar to the card.png (350x155).

Can someone clarify?

If this is indeed correct, I feel like it might be helpful to include a mask or clarify pixel info in the docs as to how this will look on-device to save people some time of pushing pixels around - its pretty laborious to remove the game, uninstall, and re download just to test the wrapping pattern (is there another way to test the unwrapping animation?).

I've included a mask I made by hand which might be helpful.

How it looks in the launcher

Here is my wrapping pattern (could only do one image in the above comment)

And here is the mask I made (by hand, might have missed a pixel here and there).
Overlay it on your wrapping pattern and adjust the opacity - Green will show through, Red will be missing on device.
Edit: See Nic's comment below. Red will be blocked out when viewing the item in the launcher, but the underlying image will show through during some animations apparently.


Definitely support this sentiment as well. As devs who don't have their Playdate device yet, we've found that it's actually impossible to test this animation flow in any way from the Simulator (as far as I've found).

I agree that showing the size of the package would be helpful.
But just the clarify, the red area though is still partially visible when the animation of the package appearing in the menu is playing.

For the season 1 we had a little code sample where we could test the wrapping paper. Maybe making that available would be helpful.
But now that the menu is more finished maybe that should be more part of it. Would it be possible to type a command in the simulator SDK to trigger the animation?


I did not realize this! I tried to look carefully but only testing the unwrapping a few times. If I can add a video I will do that just to give people a better idea. Thanks for the notice!

Any tool or sample to help test this would be appreciated for sure.

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