"Your Turn, Little Bot" Pulp Game Jam 2021!

Our game jam game is complete! We are very proud of what we got done coming to Pulp with no knowledge when we began.

Features of our game:

  • Limited sight
  • See your trodden paths
  • A complete narrative!
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Almost no sound and music

It should take about 10-15 minutes to play. You might need to play it more than once to see all the content. Please check it out, and let us know what you think.

Here's the PDX zipped:
Your_Turn_Little_Bot.zip (80.2 KB)

And here's the zipped JSON of the whole project that can be imported into Pulp:
Your_Turn_Little_Bot.json.zip (21.5 KB)

Jey Biddulph
Laura Hall


I loved it! Really creative stuff :smiley:

This is amazing! Well done!

I won’t spoil it for others by talking about specifics.

Loved it. Such a good vibe.

For some reason when I open the ZIP file the pdx is just a folder with a name ending in .pdx, and I am unable to import it to Pulp.

That’s the final Playdate application, and you’ll need either a device or the Playdate Simulator to run it.

Ah, ok, thank you. For now I only have access to Pulp.

Hey @jeyb

Can you tell me how you're creating your limited sight mechanic?

I'm running into issues with my game which does something similar but without hardware, I can't really test what the issue is.
Performance issues in Pulp game - No Fill - Playdate Developer Forum

I initially tried an implementation similar to yours, but quickly realised it's impossible to get acceptable performance when you're updating all the tiles.

For my solution, I used tiles with two frames (one is "fog", one is the actual tile).

Then the key to good performance is that, when you move, you must only change the tiles that are affected by the movement. So if you press Right, then change 1 column of tiles to the right to be visible, and change 1 column of tiles to the left to be fog (only changing the number of tiles vertically matching your visibility diameter).

It's basically impossible to update a whole screen of tiles and expect to have a good frame rate.

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I added the project to my initial post, which you can import in to Pulp to see how it works. cc @Guv_Bubbs @seacreek

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