1.12 build of game has new bugs and worse performance on 1.13 firmware

Hey Panic team.

We have build of our game Comet that was made on SDK 1.12.

Testing that build on device, eariler this week on this beach room, we were getting about 22f fps.
(We're working on it :sweat_smile:)
Here's how that looks running in the Sim

Running that same build today on the new firmware it looks like this (captured via mirror)
13 bug
And runs about 17 fps now.

The clear bugs I see are.

  1. Entities not sitting on grid.
  2. Impacted FPS

I'm using the windows SDK but @Drew-Lo who is the programing the game is on Mac

To reproduce, you simply need to run the build that I'll send you on the new firmware

Source code and build sent to @willco & @greg via DM

Do these issues appear only when building with the new SDK? Or do they also appear when running your game built with the old SDK? EDIT: your title implies it's build with the old SDK, so disregard. :slight_smile:

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I could have been more clear.

The source and build are from 1.12. Then tested on a 1.13 firmware device.

Wanted to cross-post Matt's benchmark table here. He just posted a comparison of 1.12 and 1.13, which does show a significant performance regression especially on setting sprite images: Benchmarks & Optimisations - #16 by matt

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I hope it's ok to add my own results here.

Daily Driver (the only available build that has been unchanged for ages) no longer runs at a locked 60fps. At idle it's about 58fps (worrying because it ran much higher than 60fps) and during movement drops to about 52fps.

My investigation in the benchmarks thread are unconnected. I've not had a chance to look into profiling my games on 1.13.0 vs 1.11.1

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did previous SDK's allow for more than 50 fps then ? or is there a way to get it to run above the locked 50 fps ? i think i saw something related to setting refreshrate to 0 so it would run unlocked, but with my tests on the device (for a c api game) it still locked to 50 fps but on simulator i saw it use 99 fps

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  1. set refresh rate zero (unlimited)
  2. use partial rerefresh (no full screen updates) to go higher than 50fps
  3. write your own frame limiter (I chose 60fps but my game ran between 65 and 80 iirc)

In simulator I still run at 50fps, for reasons. My physics are scaled by a multiple depending on framerate.


Hi @Guv_Bubbs - you said in the 1.13.1-beta2 thread that things were back where they should be on the grid. Was the FPS any better too?

I recorded via mirror a clip of 1.12.2 C-code being played on 1.12.2

And the same 1.12.2 C-code being played on 1.13.1-beta2

Running Mirror itself knocks off a few FPS, this should be consistent for both.

Overall, the C-performance does not look to be changed. At least, not at the level where it would stand out here. If you are having performance issues still, it would hence point to changes in the lua layer.


I don't think there's away for me to test this without the new firmware.

Oh I'm talking about testing my 1.12 build on 1.13.1-beta 2.

@timboe did you mean testing a 1.13.1-beta 2 build on 1.13.0?

Hi Guv, ah no - my device jumped straight from 1.12.2 to 1.13.1-beta2 (I wasn't in the initial roll out, instead I asked Dave yesterday to go in the beta)

So I take it then your device is still on 1.13.0 and is awaiting 1.13.1 to be pushed before you get more info on performance?

I did ask for my device to be added to the beta group. But nothing yet.

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So I was able to test on beta firmware. No improvement.

Ah :frowning: hope panic will be able to get to the performance issues soon - you cannot be the only one affected by this...


I have an MR in to roll back the sprite change, performance is back to how it was. I hired my daughter as a tester this morning to play games on it and she didn't run into any problems. :slight_smile: I'm not sure if we'll get that into 1.13.1 or not, though.

If any of y'all want to try it out on the device DM me your serial number and I'll add you to a test cohort!


Did it make it in in the end?

You may have seen this elsewhere (I mentioned it in the 1.13.1 announcement thread), but Dave's performance fixes aren't in 1.13.1. We're hoping to get that fix out soon though, we certainly know that it impacts a lot of devs.


I'm surprised the performance issue doesn't affect any of the Season or Catalog games?

It has, but not enough that we've heard any complaints that I'm aware of. Here's stats from runs of WWWO on 1.12.3 vs 1.13.0:

The frame rate is definitely lower, but I didn't really notice it while playing.