Adjustable crank angle smoothing

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I have an UI element in a game which maps directly 1:1 to the crank angle. However, it looks like there is some smoothing going on which makes it feel floaty to control. The experience would be much nicer if the crank angle smoothing could be changed via the SDK and disabled entirely. That way games which rely directly on the crank angle could feel more responsive.

Video of UI element on the PD

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Just checked and that fix I mentioned that was scheduled for 2.1.2 is now set for 2.3.0. :frowning: It looks like it's getting punted because of the risky flag Greg set on it. I'll push back on this on Monday and see if we can get it in the next release. The original purpose of the filtering was to reduce noise in the signal when the crank isn't moving, so the fix has it only doing that when the change from the previous value is under some small threshold. It worked great in testing but Greg's nervous about any change in behavior.

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The smoothing doesn't have to be disabled completely. An option in the SDK to change it would be nice. Something like this, with the current behaviour being the default setting to not affect existing apps:

pd->system->setCrankSmoothing(int enabled)