Animated image on sprite collision

Hey folks, two questions here:

  1. What's the easiest way to use an animated image in a sprite? I'm using the AnimatedImage library posted here (GitHub - mierau/playdate-animatedimage: A dead simple and lightweight way to display animated images/gifs in your Playdate game.) which says it should function like the image, but when i try to :setImage() with an animated image, I get compile errors. I saw there's an AnimatedSprite library someone posted, is that the way to go or is there an easier way to do it natively in the SDK in 2023?

  2. When two of my sprites collide, I want to spawn an instance of an animated image at a position related to where the collision happened. I've tried a couple of approaches but they started feeling really overcomplicated, so I just want a point in the right direction on what the simplest way to do this might be.