Aseprite / Animation Not Rendering As Expected

Uhm... Guys?

I must be missing something. This will be a sort of cross-post from Aseprite forums and this forum because I have no idea where the issue lies.

I draw an animated thing in Aseprite, and then go to plug it into the Playdate and it just doesn't render properly. I have two issues, not sure if they're related.

Stars Disappearing

Not much to say outside a video of the issue. It appears to me like it draws the first frame, then something weird happens where it only draws changes there-on out and doesn't allow persisting white pixels.

Here's a video of how it appears in Aseprite, and how it appears in the Playdate simulator. Yes they are different speeds, a pause can confirm that's not the issue. I'm losing stars, and I don't know why.

Column of Pixels Disappearing

Similar, but separate, I have this special tile that I want animated. It looks great! Except one dumb thing, it appears that the animation is losing its left-most column of pixels one frame every animation.

I have no idea why. Here's a video of the expected and the existing animation.

What the HECK is Going On?

I am a total noob at Aseprite and slightly less of a noob to game programming. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing in code, or something I'm doing in Aseprite causing these issues.

Happy to provide more info if you think you can help.

Someone in the Aseprite Forums Helped Me

It was color mode. Just in case anyone else searches this and finds it useful to know. COLOR MODE. IT HAS TO BE INDEXED.