Best way to group audio and video files?

Hi! I'm working on a future update for Playorama, my video player for the Playdate. I'm trying to find better ways to share videos among users (and also anticipate the day where the SDK would provide network access to download distant videos). But I'm not sure what the best way to do it is (with the Lua SDK).

Currently, the player is looking for a .pdv and a .pda file with the same base name (for example foo.pdv and foo.pda). It’d be much easier for sharing if both files could be grouped together as a single file (for example I thought about using .pdz (see pdz format reverse engineering). But I’m not sure how I would open it then with the Playdate SDK. (playdate.file.load cannot open .pdz from a game’s data folder. And doesn't seem to have anything special to read a .pdz.)

Then I also thought about grouping files within a .tar extension. But this would require me to write my own parser then.

Any idea what would be the best approach here?