Clicks and pops when using amplitude LFO on a synth

I'm making a synth editor for the PD synth API. I'm finding that when using the LFO for amplitude modulation I get a lot of clicks and pops when playing back the sample.

To reproduce the issue:

  1. run the PDX below
  2. Enable vibrato. Use the dpad to navigate to the top right on-off switch and press A or crank forwards.
  3. Set vibrato depth to 1 by highlighting the depth control using the dpad and cranking forwards.
  4. Press B to play back the synth occasionally. Listen for pops while it plays back, they should be quite common.
  5. Experiment with different vibrato wave types by highlighting the wave selector on the vibrato module and either pressing A or cranking to change the LFO wave type. (127.4 KB)
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