Coding Languages?

Hi there, I am a designer who codes, primarily familiar with writing Javascript. Am I understanding the page correctly that the only languages you can write Playdate applications with are Lua and C?

Does anyone have a recommendation for what someone like me should use to program? This is the game I am thinking about making a playdate version of:

You draw barriers to influence the battle. I would rather not rewrite the classes for the enemies etc in a new language although I understand if that's not a realistic desire.



Have you seen this thread: Playdate SDK with TypeScript ?
Perhaps your JS code is compatible with TS? (I know little about the two).

Lua and C are the only two officially supported languages, it looks like, so Lua probably is the way to go if you don't want to go too low level. I also tried using C++ but it's not officially supported and requires extra steps, I think every non official language will do.


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Hey, thanks so much this answers my question! I think it might have not shown up for me since I was searching the wrong term. I believe all JS code works as TS so this path should be able to work for me. Cheers!