Command Line Extra Arguments on Simulator (Windows)


Mentioned in the sdk docs is the following:

I am able to open the simulator from the command line on windows with the command

>PlaydateSimulator.exe helloWorld.pdx

and it will boot right into helloWorld.pdx

but adding additional arguments such as

>PlaydateSimulator.exe helloWorld.pdx debug

gives me a window stating

Unexpected parameter: 'debug'

and then a prompt with proper usage

Usage: PlaydateSimulator [/h] (pdx path to load (.pdx file or directory)]
/h, --help          Display this information.

how can i use the playdate.argv feature mentioned in the sdk documentation?

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This still seems to be the case in the newest sdk release 1.12 still mentioned here

am i doing something wrong? would be awesome for testing to have this option

This is only currently supported in the Mac Simulator. I'll see if I can get it into the Windows Simulator as well. Thanks for the report!