Counting with bases

Hi :wave:
since the SDK came out, I slowly coded on a small pet project: a simple counter you can increase or decrease by turning the crank. To make it more complex, I decided to add some polish and features:

  • self drawn digits
  • you can switch between base 10, 2, 16 and 60
  • animations and sound when changing digits and in the main menu

I call it "This is (basically) counting"


Its free, so try it out and give me feedback and suggestions.
You can download it on its page.

P.S.: I promise to you it has nothing to do with the beautiful counting application by @Wonkypolygons - my first commit is from march.


Well executed. If nothing else this is could grow into a swiss army knife of fidget toys. Or not. The counter is a pretty good fidget by itself.

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I think your counter looks amazing! And thank you for the kind words on my counter, I don't think mine was the first of counters, and I doubt either of our counters will be the last :smiley: It is such an obvious and fun idea for the crank. I think the forum is made to inspire each other, so I really wouldn't worry about that sort of thing.


Looking great!

If you want feedback; I wonder whether the base indicator is isn't too small to read on the playdate screen? Esp. For people with less than perfect eyesight, suboptimal lighting etc.

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You are absolutely right, thanks for your feedback! This will definitely be changed, if I will continue working on the project.

The size comes from when I didn't have the real device to test on, and had to eyeball the sizes.
I also don't like, that you can't see all the options and their positions on the wheel, so that should be improved as well.