Crash on Device, Ok on Simulator


Hey There,

Had a bit of time away from my playdate due to a trip, and a fair bit of code changed during the time away. Things run fine on the simulator (most recent version, running on macOS), but crash on the device (immediately on launch). I found this in the crash file when mounting it as a drive. Curious if there are ways to get more insight on this issue, or if any of the SDK devs have some ideas.

--- crash at 2022/09/01 21:21:44---
   r0:00000001    r1:00000001     r2:00045400    r3: 40012c00
  r12:00003fe0    lr:08030aa3     pc:08030a62   psr: 21000000
 cfsr:00000000  hfsr:40000000  mmfar:00000000  bfar: 00000000
heap allocated: 823328
Lua totalbytes=397000 GCdebt=-181662 GCestimate=198588 stacksize=80

Note: the errorlog file has no recent information related to this.

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It's hard to tell much from this, but if you're willing to share your source code (private message is fine) we can take a look.

Will follow up via DM

Hey @superfunc and @dwineman I wanted to follow up on this thread to see what happened?

I am having similar issues - my game seems to be crashing my device pretty often now...

REF: Playdate Hard Crash - Not While Playing Game?

That looks like a different issue — @superfunc's was related to the function. Your crash looks like something in the OS or firmware; @dave should be able to help when he has a chance to look at that thread. Thanks for your patience!

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