Docker image development?

Does anyone have a docker image they use for compiling their playdate games? I've just started working on one last night - I scoured github and google a bit to try to find something, but came up empty.

This is what I have so far:

Managed to get this working. Feel free to checkout the, but the short and simple of it is if you want to compile something in your current directory without needing to install the SDK on your workstation you can use this docker image.

Here's an example command:

docker run -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) --rm -it hjhart/playdate-sdk main.lua

And the output will be a main.pdx/ directory dropped into the current directory. Neat!

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Cool! Nice work.

The example Lua you have references some missing images.

Also the recommended way to call pdc is passing the input directory (which contains a Source folder, which in turn contains code, images, etc) and output directory (pdx)

$ pdc MyGameSource MyGame.pdx

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