Does anyone have a list of Pulp projects that share their code for reference?

Wait, why am I asking instead of just making a list myself!? If you know any others (especially outside, post them and I will expand the list.

Here are all the free pulp games currently on that explicitly allow downloading their game's Json file:

I'm going to be looking at these to see if they've already solved any problems I'm trying to solve myself; hopefully they're helpful to others.

There are also, of course, the games listed in the "how to get started" sticky on this forum:

Below are additional projects that appear to have been made in pulp and include a .json file in their pdx folders. I'm not sure if it is ethical to link these, as the authors have not explicitly given permission to view their code and may have left the .json files in accidentally. If there is a forum position on this, please let me know and I will remove:


Basic decency is preventing me from making a whole separate post about this, but the pulpmon game is really some insane work around the limits of Pulp.

It doesn't create unexpected graphics, but it does create random, persistent objects (the pulpmon) which can be stored with their own unique health/experience data and called on to interact with other objects (battling).

This really seems beyond the bounds of what Pulp was designed for, and I think there are a LOT of tricks that can be learned from it.