Pulp Game Jam 2021: Hotel Heartbreak

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Latest build:
hotel-heartbreak.zip (51.9 KB)

Pulp project:
hotel-heartbreak-src.zip (11.2 KB)

You’re a ghost who has taken it upon yourself to keep love alive at the infamous Hotel Heartbreak. Move love from floor to floor using the crank before time runs out and heartbreak consumes the hotel’s guests forever.



2021-11-21 15.55.38

Using the crank, you can now move the elevator from floor to floor. It took me a bit to figure out how to show the elevator cables only on the shaft tiles above the elevator. Knowing the position of the elevator, I emit an event when the floor changes and handle the event on the shaft and shaft line sprites. Both sprites look at the current elevator level and swap with each other when event.y is above or below the expected floor Y.

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Really digging the premise behind it.

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Got the basic gameplay working. Added an indicator to the elevator when the ghost is holding a heart to be delivered. Management of heart tiles is still a bit messy script wise, but it’s not too bad. Quickly hacked out font’s digits to display current score. Spent more time than I should have on animations and misc. hotel graphics. Now to just finish up the timer UI. I may just squeak this in at the 11th hour…

2021-11-21 21.19.39

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Alright, game is up. Find link to build at the top of this thread. :slight_smile:

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This is cool!

It took me a while to figure out the controls were crank plus d-pad right.

Also, I got a crash when the power bar runs to zero (not sure if Pulp itself or your Pulp script)

loaded pdz in 1ms
caching bitmaps...
	using frames.pdt
	using pipe.pdt
	using chars.pdt
main.lua:2950: attempt to get length of a nil value (upvalue 'deferred')
stack traceback:
	main.lua:2950: in upvalue 'update'
	main.lua:3242: in function <main.lua:3236>
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Thanks! Was a lot of fun to build.

Yeah thinking about quickly adding tiny help graphics to bottom left. Will let me remove the weird instructional dialog at start of game.

The crash is known but I have no idea how to fix it yet. Few others seeing same crash in there game. Sounds like there may be a few ideas. I’ll try to fix today. Works perfectly in Pulp simulator… :sweat_smile:

Uploaded a new version that fixes crash at end of game using @shaun’s recommendation.

Also added a little help visual which allowed me to remove some of the weird extra instructional dialogs at the start of game.



For something that you threw together so quickly, this has a really polished feel to it. The graphics are adorable! It’s also quite fun. Nice work!

Thank you! It came together surprisingly quickly. Says something about the Pulp environment I guess. I love the constraints it imposes.

Haven’t had a chance to sit down with other jam games, but I’m looking forward to it.

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Really enjoyed this! Very helpful in conceptualizing what games may be possible in this environment beyond my preconceived Bitsy notions.

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