Existing Data Files


I'm not sure how to word this question....

I'm toying with my level design. I was thinking of reading a file that has my level data (Kind of like 1-1 demo). But how do I get that data on there in the first place?

Will I need write the data first like I do a save file? Or am I able to supply the data along with the game data???

If you don't want players toying with the level files, just include them along with the game files and interact with them with playdate.file or playdate.datastore

Right, that is what I'm confused about... When I'm using the simulator I can just stick the level data in the "disk" folder for the playdate SDK... but how would I do that with the actual game file?

When I run the command to create the pdx is it just automatically included???

Yeah, it should be included with the .pdx when you compile it