Expanded Font library for C API

I'm working on a pure C game with text boxes, and noticed there are several functions to assist with this - some of these, however, are currently Lua only. It would be nice to see some of these functions ported over to the C API


  • DrawxxxInRect (Text, ellipse etc.)
  • The 9-slice functions
  • Text localisation

Not having access to localized strings files in the C API is a huge oversight, sorry about that. I'll get that in ASAP.

The 9-slice and drawTextInRect functions are convenience functions defined in the Lua CoreLibs, so they get compiled into game code--they're not in the core runtime. We don't currently have a similar utility library for C API games, but that would be nice to have. I'll file a feature request for that. Thanks!

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Hi @dave

For the localisation support in the C-API, do you know if this is something we could expect on the timescale of a few weeks, or looking likely to be longer than this?


Assuming we can get the merge queue moving again it shouldn't take longer than a few weeks. I've learned not to make guesses about our release schedule, but things are looking promising. I'll keep an eye on this one and make sure it gets out as soon as we can. Note that because we're using semantic versioning and this is an API addition it'll be 1.14 (or 2.0) when this is added.