Free Fonts for y'all!

Howdy y'all;

I just uploaded a bunch of fonts for SDK use here:

There's also a directory of Pulp-based fonts there as well.

The SDK FNT files were converted from AmigaDOS bitmap font files.

This includes those named after gemstones, as provided from Commodore originally (Topaz, Sapphire, Garnet, etc), as well as a couple I had made over the years.

I added .zip files of all of the fonts to this as well as the Pulp fonts i have there too.
If you end up using them, just send credit my way and a link back to the repo if you end up using them. :slight_smile: and if you have improvements for them, please send those back to me too, so i can update them for others to use. Have fun!

I have a font browser app I've been noodling with, which I'll be throwing into that repository at some point soon as well. When I do, i'll make a note of it in this thread. :slight_smile: