How to draw a tile any where on screen?

In my game when my character talks to an NPC, I want it so that if you select a certain option, then it will make an item appear on a specific tile in the room. Any ideas on what I should do? I am running pulp via MacBook Air.

you are in the wrong forum this is for the SDK, this question is for pulp

the answer is here
draw "tileName" at x,y
so on your button add a value
on your player check if value draw "tileName" at x,y

read the document below

youtube squid has great pulp tutorials

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this.

wait. I just tried this, and it didn't work. here's the code that I have currently:

on load do
hasInteracted = 0
elixir = 0

on interact do
if hasInteracted==0 then

	ask "Hey... You new around these parts?" then
		option "Yeah." then
			say "Thought so. come here any time you need a drink, 'k?"
		option "No." then
			say "Thats odd, thought I hadent seen you around. Well, come on over any time you need a drink, 'k?"
elseif hasInteracted>0 then
	ask "Oh! Its you again! What can I get for you?" then
		option "Elixirs" then
			say "Sure thing buddy!" then
				elixir = 1
		option "Nothing" then
			say "'k."


on draw do
if elixir>0 then
draw "elixir" at 2,4

When you ask a question you should specify what file you are putting it like this
on load do...
on interact..
on draw

i copied your code and i got errors not because of logic but because of your "end" it was missing one try to be more organized and write code little by little testing and log as you write, i can give you the code but i feel like you wouldn't learn, write the code again referencing the pulp script little by little and watch the error line

On the PulpScript Guide, it says that I need to call the players draw event. I don't know how to do this with the option thing. I logged my code and it seems that the code all works except for the draw. So, how do I use the players draw event for just this option? I am very new to pulp, so I am still learning it.

On the left hand side there is a button called [Scripts] here you will find all your elements. There is one called GAME where you put your "on load do" and another called PLAYER where you put your "on draw do"

Ok thank you! I will do that.

I did that and it worked. thank you so much! Now I know a bit more about PulpScript. Thanks again.