HTTP API Requests



I just started developing in the Playdate SDK. I Find it very cool so far, but the only feature I am disappointed at not having is HTTP requests.
I am planning on making a weather app and a social media client. I know that you can use playdate.simulator.getURL(url) in the simulator, but I would like more functionality.
Here are some example of requests:

  • playdate.requests.get("", json = {"username": username, "password": password})
  •"", headers = {"token": token, "content": content})
  • And other types of requests, such as PUT, DELETE, PATCH, etc.
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It's definitely something we'd like to do, but we need to figure out the best way to do it while balancing performance, security, battery life, and other concerns. Wish I had a better answer!


When could we expect this to be released?

add curl support first in C. I am sure it is the best way to start