Images in pulp!

Hi am new to playdate/pulp ! I like making games and would like some images. I've seen tutorials of importing images but in order to do so it turns it all into tiles (to manually add to room?!)
is there a wayto quickly add to room and also, a way to flip the image/tile at once ? (if room has image of cat looking left, a way to reverse all image to look right?) Thank you.

Yes, converting them into tiles is the only way we have of displaying images in Pulp.

Unfortunately no, but tiles can be individually flipped horizontally or vertically in the editor (H and V keys). You would need to create flipped copies of each of your tiles and swap between them.

ok so is there a way *(via pulpscript) to flip a rooms visuals? With or without flipped copies?
also its hard to piece the art together in tiles, is there a way to know what goes where? thanks!

There isn't, unfortunately. Pulpscript doesn't really work at the pixel level like that.

Here are some how-to threads that may help you convert your image to tiles/sprites:

thanks ill look into aesprite thanks Im trying to figure how it all works like converting a midi to json (if possible) etc etc. heres some games i made but im working on my first playdate game thanks