In development: Eva Tactis Strategy Game

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eva tactis its an AdvanceWarLike in a apocalyps world. this comment will be updated to show an excerpt of the progress of the game Update 08/09/2022 add dialogue add base editorMap


Is the plan to make this with Pulp, Lua, or the C API? My project might have some art that could speed up development for you.

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I started developing in lua with Love2d. And I have switch for playdateSdk not long ago. hi started last year. I resumed development when the playdate SDK arrived. I had to stop for fear of not being able to adapt the game on it

I will try to add development progress in this thread!

In fact, I added an arrow to follow the displacement of avatar. As well as an effect stack system. Which will allow you to stack effects that will follow each other without having to feel concerned

Other than the use of Advance Wars and (I assume) Neon Genesis Evangelion artwork, both of which may incur issues regarding copyright, especially with Nintendo, who has a penchant for killing any fan work that has their property, I REALLY like the work you've put in here.

In NO way am I discouraging you from making this. I do think you may wish to consider giving the game your own artistic design or style to give it a little more unique flavor to it. If the stuff here is just placeholders, that's totally cool, and it looks very promising. Just a heads up.

Will be following progress on this.

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Thank you for your interest in EvaTactis. The game is based on a gamePlay of the same style as AdvanceWar. And I started by taking inspiration from evangelion. After spending a lot of time designing/developing. I started thinking about a universe specific to games. The assets shared here are still for example. They will be replaced for creations specific to the games. apart from the profiles (advance war) and the menu image. The rest is homemade. Anyway, thank you for your comment. :heart: :smile:


As long as the Advance Wars and Evangelion artwork is just a placeholder, that's totally okay. I'm very excited to see the universe and characters you create for this game, and will happily follow your progress. :slight_smile:

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I added a store to the game to buy new units. My play date has arrived. I optimized the game to go from 6fps to 30fps


this is too damn cool! keep up the amazing work!

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I add an AI to the game. He has the ability to build a new unit if he has the necessary coins/money. Units can capture factories, approach/away from enemy and attack them. AIs are not all the same and can act differently. It's still basic
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It was a very big job that I had underestimated. :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

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Interested to hear what optimisations you did?

My first optimization concerns the tiles. Basically, I created a homemade tileMap. Now I use the tilemap created by Panic (6fps -> 25fps). And in a second step, I optimized my algorithms. I have a lot of matrix paths. The biggest work was to reduce as much as possible these matrix paths (7~9fps). Finally I reorganized the structure of my project to make it more readable.

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I have Create and add a module dialog for history.if useful it would be possible to upload
dialogue. It is possible to skip the text animation to save time

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during my summer vacation, I started to create a basic map editor. indeed, it is possible to load and save the map. in the near future I will add a button to create a new map and delete it. But the hardest part is done.
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Glad to see you're still working on it @reytley

Cant wait to check it out!

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Peek 23-12-2022 16-58
Peek 23-12-2022 16-592
Updated the level editor to be 100% functional. The game is currently in V0.6. The objective of V0.7 is to have all the necessary bases to add new collaborator to the project. such as a level designer. Professional graphic designer. etc

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A transition screen service has been created to allow elements to be loaded and to avoid too rough changes between scenes

Peek 24-03-2023 09-15

This week I added the dialog screen. This screen is fully finished and functional. Just add the dialogs to the level data file. Several dialogues exist. Pre game, after game, start game, end game, script game, each dialogue is composed of: "Text", "Characters": Akane, ... "Position":1(left), 2(Right) "expression": smile, ... "Place": school, ... I also added to the screen transition the unload function which allows you to unload screens that will no longer be useful.

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I would like to point out that each tool creates its own modules. and that it will be possible to use them in other creations.. If there is one day