Information on types of requests we might add

Pulp is a tool for anyone who wants to tell their story and make a game for the first time! We believe its constraints and limitations help make it an easy-to-use tool that fosters creativity. You can learn more about our vision behind Pulp in our How to get started with Playdate Pulp post.

With this in mind, we will continue to update Pulp with quality of life and bug fixes. We wouldn't add brand new features that stray from the vision of Pulp as doing so will go against our goals of embracing constraints with this tool. We’ll communicate in the thread as much as possible to provide information, such as if we’ve added the feature to our update, we’re working on an update, or that change isn’t possible.

No worries if you post something that we wouldn’t add! It can be challenging to know if a change in the tool may result in other issues or if it’s out of the scope of Pulp in general. To help give you a better idea of what requests we’re likely to add, we have provided some examples of features that we would add and would not add based on our goals and philosophy behind Pulp.

Types of quality of life requests we might add

This includes requests that would make Pulp easier to use.

  • editor accessibility improvements for different device sizes and input methods
  • more control over the final pdx (eg. versioning, omitting data.json)
  • refining existing PulpScript APIs

Types of brand new features we wouldn't add

This includes anything that expands the features and is outside Pulp’s scope.

  • adding larger sprites, multiple fonts, or window chrome to the editor and runtime
  • adding local variables, compound conditionals, or compound arithmetic to PulpScript
  • anything requiring extensive changes to existing UI or UX

Thanks for the updates Arisa!
Looking forward to future Pulp updates from the team!


Always happy for transparency (✷‿✷)


Hello, I’m just wondering if pulp is still in active development? As I notice the there hasn’t been any feature additions/ updates on how it’s going in quite a while.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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