How to get started with Playdate Pulp

Welcome! Thanks for joining the Pulp community!

We are excited to release Pulp and see what you make with it. The Pulp category is where you can ask questions and get to know other community members using Pulp!

What is Pulp?

Pulp is an easy-to-use, friendly, browser-based dev tool, that allows people to make games with low or no code, enabling anyone to tell their story in a Playdate game. Our goal with Pulp is to have a tool that is welcoming and a comfortable introduction to game-making for all ages. It's a tool that embraces the constraints and limitations to push creativity and for simplicity of use.

For those that are interested in a full, proper, code-level software development kit for Playdate, you can learn more about the Playdate SDK here.

Getting Started with Pulp

  1. Head to Pulp to start creating and peruse the Pulp Documentation at your leisure for some helpful tips!
  2. Have questions? First, check if someone has already posted about your question by using the search at the top-right. If you still have a question, create a thread in this Pulp category, and someone in the community or Panic might be able to help.
  3. Report a bug? Use this form to report any bugs in Pulp, and one of us at Panic will take a look at it.
  4. Have a suggestion? Learn more on requests we're likely to add to Pulp in this post: Information on types of requests we might add - #2. You can create a new thread in Pulp's Feature Request subcategory with your suggestion!

How do I transition from Pulp to the SDK?

Pulp is a great tool to use as a starting point for people who are new to game development and want to make a Playdate game. You may reach the limits of Pulp with the project you're working on and want to transition to using the Playdate SDK. Luckily, there are great tools already available thanks to some folks in the community that made tools to help move your Pulp project to Lua, one of the support languages for the Playdate SDK.

Below are two options you can use:

Helpful Threads

Some examples of games made with Pulp


We hope you like it, and we can't wait to see your Pulp games!


Thanks, I’m stoked about this! :grin:


:playdate_hi: Welcome! Thanks for joining

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I’m very excited about making a game in Pulp, best of luck to everyone!


@arisa Thanks for such a helpful intro!

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Lil web flow feedback: after sends me to Sign In, I get spit back at instead of the good Pulp.

But visiting in the same browser after logging in works fine.


Aw yeah! So stoked to get started with Pulp! :playdate_heart:


Thanks! We’ll get that fixed.

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Very excited! Thanks Panic! :smiley:


Hello! I’m excited about experimenting with pulp! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with too!


We need a game sharing category in this forum for sharing Pulp games!


This is a good idea. To track or document the progress of your game.

And perhaps a bug category.

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Thank to SquidGodDev I "bump" on his video. It's a good resume for beginner about pulp and pulp script for beginner
It gonna be so helpful for beginner
I wish it exist one week ago !


We've already had fun playing around with Pulp!
It only took me a few hours before I got stuck haha!

This video was so helpful! Thanks for sharing - I'm going to try some stuff out now. :slight_smile: