Is there a way to make your game exit back to the Home screen?


Just wondering if it's possible to do what the Settings app does when it goes Home on hitting B.

(This would only rarely be useful—but I'm making a very simple image viewer utility, and getting out of it with a single button click would be a nice convenience, vs. navigating the system menu.)

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Right now that's a system-level function but I could see that being useful for quick little utility-type programs. My sense is that we require games to go through the menu to keep the UI more uniform or maybe it's a "don't you worry about that" thing aiming for simplicity, but now that there are way more games available than we expected to see at this point and Launcher navigation is getting unwieldy I think it's a good time to revisit this too. Filed!

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That all makes sense!

I wouldn't necessarily vote for adding this if it's not already possible. I can see reasons to have it, and reasons not to!