Making games for Love good practice?

Not really pulp related but there's only 2 categories to select... Just wanted to ask if making games in Love with Lua will be good practice for making a game for the playdate using the lua sdk? (reason I ask is there's a Love game jam on itch right now)

If not, what would you suggest for practice for making games not using pulp?

It has been stated in the past the Love2D Lua API and the Playdate SDK Lua API are broadly compatible. I think one could safely assume there'll be some differences and porting work to be done once the Playdate SDK goes public but if you're itching to get something written up that will hopefully be useful going forward it is likely a good start.

I recall seeing somewhere that a helpful soul had setup a Love2D project template on Github with a basic Playdate environment. I can't seem to find it right now though >.<

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There's this, which won't mirror the Playdate SDK, but it'll get you one step closer to prototyping a Playdate game in Löve2D:

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