My device crashes while testing the scoreboard


SDK: v2.0.1

I'm making a scoreboard with reference to.

The Board's ID has also been created based on the bundleID of pdxinfo.
I tested it after creating leaderboard.lua by referring to the Scoreboard API.

local pd <const> = playdate
local board <const> = pd.scoreboards

local scoreBoardId = "" --Input my board ID.

local function scoreboardsCallback(status, result)
    print("code = "..status.code..", message = "..status.message)

function getMyBoard()

-- Report score
function reportScore(myScore)
    board.addScore(scoreBoardId, myScore, scoreboardsCallback)

-- Get my score
function getMyScore()
    local mScore = board.getPersonalBest(scoreBoardId, scoreboardsCallback)

In the simulator, I confirmed that the log is coming out properly.

However, when I ran it on a real device, it crashed.

Am I misunderstanding and using the Scoreboard API?
Please help me.