Nova build/run creates game as subfolder of previous build instead of replacing previous build

MacOS 12.1
Nova 8.4 with Playdate extension
PD Simulator/SDK 1.9.1


I'm brand new to playdate development, its my first time using Lua and my first time using Nova so I've likely configured something incorrectly here, I'm hoping someone may be able to give me a hint or a point in the right direction.

I have a basic playdate game, its a single main.lua file. When I click run in nova it builds fine, launches the simulator and runs perfectly. At this point I have a main.lua file and a squareGame.pdx.

Next time I build or run the project it creates a new squareGame.pdx inside the existing squareGame.pdx. If I build or run again I get another squareGame.pdx inside the second squareGame.pdx. This will happen for every build or run giving me a new sub folder inside the previous sub folder.

Im assuming this shouldn't happen and my squareGame should be replaced by the latest build each time?

If so what could be causing this/how can I prevent this?

I have tried explicitly setting the product name, source location and output location for the build/run task.

Thanks for your help!

File Structure after running 5 times:

Here are my Nova/Playdate task settings. Attached here as I was only allowed one attachment in the post.

That's super weird. I'm seeing it too. Looks like it might be a bug in either nova or pdc.

You might be able to stop the madness if you move your main.lua into a folder named source. You shouldn't need to change any of your other task settings. Try that as a workaround for now?

CleanShot 2022-03-11 at 09.29.59@2x

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Thanks Chris, glad to hear I'm not alone. This is working perfectly for me. Saved me from eternally deleting folders! I'll look in to filing a bug report somewhere.

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You need to put the main.lua in a Source directory. It's not a workaround but the suggested way to do things.

Check out the docs:

Then your pdx will be build alongside the Source folder and your code will remain untainted.

Perhaps the bug is that pdc compiles loose files without the Source folder? @dave