Particle Sizzler - Generate Spritesheets of Particle Simulations

Hello! I'm a new Playdate developer and long-time game dev that came from unity and missed using its particle system. So I'm making this!

Particle Sizzler is a lightweight standalone software that generates Spritesheets of particle simulations using Unity's Particle System as a base. Since you will end-up with a pre-baked spritesheet animation, it's obvious that they won't be able to dynamically generate when using on the Playdate (or anywhere else). So they are best use cases are for static/one-shot particles like fire, explosions, thrusters, etc… And more often than not need some tweaking in a proper image editor software like Aseprite.

I started making this for me, but maybe the community might appreciate it as well!

You can also find the Download and more info on!



I've published a new update!
It adds more control over the emission and shape. And other bug fixes.

Full details here:


Thanks for making this. This is really useful.
Looking forward to future updates!

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b0.5 - Community Requests & Bugfixes

Hello! I usually forget to post updates here, since this thread was taken down and didn't realize it got back up!

I'll take this opportunity to Thank those of you who go the extra step and support this project :sparkling_heart:

[bugfix] Prewarm working as intended
[NEW] Export as single files
[NEW] Delete All Previous Frames
[NEW] Delete All Following Frames

Here is the link for the full dev-log: