Particle Sizzler - Generate Spritesheets of Particle Simulations

Hello! I'm a new Playdate developer and long-time game dev that came from unity and missed using its particle system. So I'm making this!

Particle Sizzler is a lightweight standalone software that generates Spritesheets of particle simulations using Unity's Particle System as a base. Since you will end-up with a pre-baked spritesheet animation, it's obvious that they won't be able to dynamically generate when using on the Playdate (or anywhere else). So they are best use cases are for static/one-shot particles like fire, explosions, thrusters, etc… And more often than not need some tweaking in a proper image editor software like Aseprite.

I started making this for me, but maybe the community might appreciate it as well!

You can also find the Download and more info on!



I've published a new update!
It adds more control over the emission and shape. And other bug fixes.

Full details here:


Thanks for making this. This is really useful.
Looking forward to future updates!

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